Someone asked me recently, what moments in the industry truly move you to put yourself out there with your thoughts, hopes and dreams? I could not say with one single reason but have found that this journal can help show and move all of those industry / life moments into one realm for everyone to see where I am coming from when I talk about style, art and drive.

It may come across cliche, a 90s kid expressing how the Olsen twins are a set of icons of hers but its one hundred percent true! From film to fashion, I truly found appreciation in the duo. They came from fame but were able to penetrate the industry based on design and concept.

The Row flagship store in New York is another beautiful design and concept that came from the Olsen's house and is another inspiration piece taken from their journey to a career in art and fashion.

 Jean-Michel Basquiat's painting hangs in this room

Jean-Michel Basquiat's painting hangs in this room

PHOTOGRAPHY François Halard