THE Routine

Water first, always.
Then coffee and read one page from a book.
No music until you are getting dressed.
Leave yourself with your thoughts and that one page you just read.
Dress to feel inspired. 
Dress only to look in the mirror and want to be the woman staring back.
Take photos of what inspires you through out your morning.
Repeat that last step throughout your day.
Play with Kit, show her lots of love before you leave. This requires you waking up extra early.
Better to wake up early and experience most of your day through opened eyes.
Pack a good lunch. Something you look forward to opening.
Kiss and hold Tristan for no less than a full minute.
I love you, before you leave.
On your commute, listen to music to unwind and read a book.
The book must be different than the one you grab a page from each morning.
Take your phone, explore.
Explore Pinterest.
Explore Instragram.
Send vibes out into the world through your social media. Inspire others, as they inspire you. 
Get to work.
Grab a coffee.
Write a paragraph. It can be about anything.
Put a playlist on.
Start working. 
Take your lunch break to eat. 
Go for a walk.
Explore some more.
Grab a warm or cold drink. Depending on how you feel.
Start working, again.
New playlist, please.
Leave work at the earliest that you can.
They don’t own you.
On your way home, listen to music that you can dance to.
Get home.
Enjoy how happy Kit is to see you.
Kiss and hug Tristan. 
More I love yous.
Talk about your day to each other. 
Spend no more than 10 minutes on this subject.
Then, talk about everything else. Spend endless hours on this subject.
Cook together.
Eat together.
Clean together.
Walk Kit together.
Unwind together.
Go to bed together.
Read one page from your book and dream.