THE Products

I am not one to switch things up in my beauty routine. If I do change, it is due to the change in weather or season conditions; otherwise, the base and foundation stays the same. Finding what works for you, your skin, your routine and time is essential to dressing your face each day. Brands like NARS, Revlon and Marc Jacobs understand and know how I like to treat my face, whether its full or light coverage. Other brands such as Charlotte Tilbury, Burberry, Tom Ford, Chanel, etc are the trimmings to an already made up look. They are the jewels and jems to my look. From these brands I look for a new shade of lipstick, eyeshadow or blush.

I thoght I'd start my journal off by sharing some of my favourite items with you. This entry and ones to come are the basis  behind each photo you've followed on instagram thus far.


Dolce & Gabanna Blush

This luminous cheek powder has the perfect amount of saturation to its pigment. When looking for a blush, I look for something with perfect amount of smoky undertones to keep my colour palette in the neutral zone while still creating that flushed look. My skin is fare and my cheeks have little to no rosiness, therefore I follow what my skin already gives me with just a small push. 




NARS Light Reflecting Powder

I like this setting powder because it's light and bright. This powder keeps the colour of my base while brightening my cheekbones with its crushed reflective dust. 



Charlotte Tilbury

The perfect splurge for a contour and highlighter. Besides the beautiful packaging, its face sculpting copacity is ideal to create a regal and chiseled cheek bone.



NARS Tiare Bronzer

Laguna, who doesn't know of this bronzing powder? I thought it was so smart of NARS to introduce this palette with the mini Ita Kibuki brush. It allows me to continue my beauty routine on the go without having the lug around my favourite brush as a seperate object in my purse. 


YSL Mascara.jpg

YSL Mascara Volume Effect

For lifted, velvety and thick lashes. I love building up with this mascara wand or leaving the lashes natural with one coat.




NARS Duo Eye Palette

This NARS Duo Eyeshadow Platte in  colour Madrague is the ultimate eye go-to. The colours appear natural and is the perfect contour palette for eyes. This is the kind of palette that you don't need a mirror but the perfect brush because the pigment glides-on the same every time with a subtle nature.




NARS Eye Kit

This NARS & God Create Women Eye Kit is a discontinued item. In the usual case, I would not share such things on my blog but consider this a placeholder for the next eyeshadow palette I fall in love with. Creating a smoky eye on already a small eyelid is difficult but with these monochromatic browns its easy to open up my eyes and bring out my hazel coloured iris.


DIOR Baume de Rose

If you ignore all other products on this page, at the very least, pay attention to this one. The rose scented lip balm has been my daily and hourly essential in beauty. This balm leaves your lips feeling plump and velvety soft. A true addiction in my books.


YSL Lip Liner.jpg

YSL Dessin Des Lèvres

This lip liner can be worn alone or paired with a gloss or lip stick. Nude Beige has the perfect nude, brown and rose tones, therefore matching my natural lip colour. 


YSL Gloss Volupte.jpg

YSL Glossy Satin Lip




Beige Anarchist is my favourite colour from this line. The gloss is long lasting and lip plumping.This pairs perfectly with the YSL Dessin Des Lèvres